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Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa

Check the Wildfire Risk in your area here.

It is important not to forget that the country has an enormous risk of forest fire and that this risk requires a major cleaning effort”, emphasized the Prime Minister, António Costa, explaining that the decision to extend the deadline aims “to create better conditions so that people can fulfill this obligation, taking into account the strong movement limitations that exist “.

The “Fire Safety Laws” require all of us to keep land “clean” – meaning free of potentially hazardous waste wood or groves of trees within 50 meters of any habitation. Read the rules here.

Burning wood waste releases a lot of carbon very fast into the atmosphere, making climate change even worse. So please think about a better alternative – chipping your wood into valuable biomass-mulch that slow-releases its carbon and also improves soil as it decomposes.

Wood chipper shredder hire Portugal
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Wood chip: The benefits and myths.

Wood chipper shredder hire Portugal
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Wood chipper shredder hire Portugal
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Good maintenance of forests, gardens and orchards, should not focus only on what you take out! Think about what you put back in!
We can help you improve your soil, grow healthier plants and trees and save money by dramatically reducing the amount of water you use.

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