Hire our machine - delivered to site - with a fully trained and equipped operator.

  • Our Super Prof 2000 is a high performance wood chipper-shredder. We have adapted it to deal with all types of wood, including dense eucalypts, that grow in Central Portugal.
  • It weighs about 400kg, is fitted with a hydraulic drive system and can be “walked onto” your land under its own power.
  • The machine’s unique, slim design, at only 830mm wide, even allows it to be manoeuvred through a standard garden gate.
  • Its powerful hydraulically-driven, in-feed roller pulls the material for chipping into the cutting rotor at speeds of up to 24 meters per minute.
  • It can easily chip tree branches and young tree trunks, including fire-hardened eucalyptus, up to 120mm / 5″ in diameter. (But you’ll probably want the ‘bigger stuff’ for fire wood.)
  • Depending on the type of wood, freshness of cut and site conditions, we can produce up to 4-5 cubic meters of chip/mulch per day for you.
  • The majority of customers prefer a finer cut chip for use on gardens, pathways and orchards. But, should you prefer, we can also produce a rough-cut chip suitable for forest floors.
  • If you do not want the woodchip, we can remove it. We do charge for the time it takes us to load/remove.

We offer 3 service options

(A) COMPLETE SOLUTION: Give us your instructions and we’ll do all the work. We will prune, fell or cut unwanted trees and shrubs, stack and prepare the material for chipping. Next, we chip or shred anything you don’t want as firewood, and either mound it up on site or take it away if you don’t need it. 

(B1) You Prepare the Site. You do the pruning, cutting, felling and stacking of material near an access path or road, with material untangled and laid out in the same direction for ease of chipping. 

(B2) You Prepare the Site and Work With Us. You do the cutting and stacking, and on the agreed day(s), you assist our operator by tackling work you can perform safely, such as passing the material to be chipped to our operator. We find most clients prefer this option, because the work goes faster and therefore saves them money! You may also have family members or friends who are also willing to help, and that’s fine with us – as long as they wear the correct safety gear and obey our safety rules.

Our Working Area

  • We are based in Figueiró dos Vinhos, Leiria where you see the blue dot on the map.
  • Our machine delivery charges for distances up to 20km from FdV are Free.
  • For distances further than 20km* from FdV we have a charge rate which is reasonable.
  • We will normally travel up to 80km* from our home base in FdV.
  • If your property lies outside of our area you are still welcome to contact us, so we can discuss your requirements. We will help if we can!

* Means the most appropriate access roads for towing our machine and trailer.

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