Your safety is always our top priority.

Mr Chips wood shredder hire in Portugal safe worker

Safety On Site – Listen To The Operator.

  • Listen to the operator. He is responsible for the safe operation of the machine. When assisting our operator you must accept his instructions with regards to safe working practice.
  • Wear Protective Gear. You must wear strong non-slip boots or shoes, protective gloves or gauntlets, eye protective wear such as safety glasses/goggles or a mesh safety visor and ear defenders plus a dust mask if needed.
  • Note: In consideration of the Covid-19 hygiene and protection recommendations we request you supply your own facemasks and safety equipment where possible. Our operator can lend you up to (2) mesh safety visors or pairs of safety glasses and ear defenders.
  • No Children, Bystanders or Animals are allowed on the work site.
  • No Alcohol or person/s who have consumed any alcohol are allowed on the work site.
  • No smoking, no naked flames, and observe all fire safety practices.
  • Safe Light Levels. The operator will call a halt to work when natural light drops below a safe working level.
  • Rest Breaks: Chipping – shredding is very strenuous work. The operator will, on a regular basis, stop the machine for a short time to allow all workers to ‘cool-down’, drink water to re-hydrate, take a short rest and snacks.
  • Danger Zone: The graphic below shows the high risk zones. No workers except the operator and his assistant should enter these when the machine is running. 
wood chipping danger zone

We do not work on days of maximum fire hazard or high temperatures.

Disclaimer. Be Safe! Anyone working on site does so at their own risk.