Good site preparation means...we can chip faster, and you can save money!

  • Access to your work site/s: Our wood chipper – shredder is fitted with a hydraulic drive system and can be “walked onto” your land under its own power. It’s only 830mm in width and we can manoeuver it through gateways as narrow as 1 meter wide. The machine weighs nearly 400kg so, we’ll need roadways or paths to the work area/s to be reasonably firm.
  • Rubbish: The material to be chipped must not contain any ceramics, scrap metals, cables, cords, wires or ropes, cloths, plastics, sacks, pipes, bricks, tiles or stones. These could damage the machine and may also become dangerous projectiles.
  • Stacks: Try to sort and stack the material to be chipped into groups – thick and thin branches – wet or dry – and aligned in the same direction.  This makes it easier to pass the branches to the machine operator and speeds up chipping to save effort, time, and money.
  • Maximum Size: We can chip branches up to 120mm / 5” in diameter. You’ll probably want the ‘bigger stuff’ for firewood anyway!
Eliet wood shredder
Mr Chips professional wood chipper shredder hire in Portugal width of eliet super prof 2000
stacking wood for chipping in Portugal